Help ID'ing these seeds


I bought 2 False Indigo plants at the Home Depot this year. I have never had these plants before and was not familiar with their growing habit. They had purple/blue flowers on them and looked nice. However, after the flowers were spent, they formed seeds in fluffy pappus. Tiny seeds, not at all like the black leguminous seeds of the baptisia. When I took a closer look, I found that the flowers and seeds were on a separate stalk, apparently not part of the baptisia plant! Not knowing what it was, and not wanting it to self-seed, I pulled the flower stalks out. What remained are actually 2 very small baptisias. Now that I have learned that Baptisias don't bloom for a few years, I am thinking that these are very young plants and not yet blooming. The grower probably interplanted something, maybe an annual, with a flower stalk that would mimic the Baptisia so that they could deliver something to the nursery that would sell. So now I would like to identify the mystery plant - but all I have is the seed and pappus. If anyone had the same experience and knows what it is, and whether I should want to plant these seeds, I would appreciate hearing.Here's a photo of the seeds and pappus. The seeds are tiny - MUCH smaller than poppy seeds and more gray than black. The pappus is very downy. Do I want this plant or is it some nasty invasive I will regret for the rest of my life? Thanks for any thoughts.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

It is an Epilobium sp. Some are native but chances are this one is an introduced species.

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