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container,indoor,epiphite,w/rock in water tray,ideas/

Tonia Frank
18 years ago

Saw a couple interesting cont. gardens lately, one with a large stone (not even lava rock),moss,ivy, etc., in a larger saucer with water, and water plant (I call it an umbrella?). I have a stone,a sentimental one, found a soneware, tray, I think needs to be treated w/poly.? Would like to arrange a garden for my sign. others B-day. Will have bright lite, no direct sun. Am considering letting it live in his office (flor. lite)? Can I use epiphites (spec. suggs?) on the stone, tying moss loosly to help with attach., and water plants in saucer below, possibly a Beta (since they require so little water)? Also advice on waiting period after waterproofing, and safest product to use. Pics. would be so great for ideas too. Thanks much!

I'm so excited to see if I can pull this together by 11/21.


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