Lilium superbum


I've previously grown lilium michiganense, and in my climate, it would flower and by time the seedpods would have matured (which I always nipped off to send food to bulb), the foliage was going yellow. So, probably about would start looking ephemeral.

I've moved, and this year I have lilium superbum instead, and it appears to be on the same schedule, that is assuming moles, voles, rats, mice, etc haven't eaten the bulb...I recently dug to plant something in that bed and there were tunnels everywhere.

I want to keep the native lily, and was wondering if this early dormancy is what other people in a similar zone 6b-7 climate see?

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My little baby lily's (lilium superbum) leaves have been yellowing recently. I guess that's normal? I live in zone 5, and this is my first year growing turk's cap lily, so it could be early dormancy. I'm not really sure. I'm just going to let it do what it's going to do I guess.

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Thank you Ethan, it's comforting with a new plant to know someone else's plant is performing the same.

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