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Fast growing small trees and large shrubs?

17 years ago

Time is of the essence. My brother-in-law is living in one of those god-awful new suburbs where they raze everything, throw up houses, lay down sod, and call it a day. His family needs a shade tree (or shrub that can be pruned into a tree-like habit) for the porch desperately, something that will stay 12-20 feet. They say the have a maple near there already; I suspect it is NORWEGIAN, but haven't looked at it. I know those Norway Maples tend to poisin anything that grows near them; does anyone know if this will be a problem? Otherwise, the area gets almost full sun, a few hours of late afternoon shade.

In fact, they really need some privacy hedges and other trees around in the barren back yard. Any suggestions for fast growing plants would be appreciated!

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