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Which ones would survive.

14 years ago

I'm thinking of removing all the natives this year I have planted over the years and transporting them ( with proper promission) onto protected land/nature center, so there is zero chance of them getting removed or destroyed by new homeowners when my parents sell the property. However I understand not all of them would survive,having deep root systems or fragile in nature, being dug up and replanted so I'm leaving those ones intact, in the hopes that the neighbors wont kill them, the trouble is I do not yet know which ones those are.

that and they are attracting the local wildlife too much, we now have a nesting pair of gray squirrels burrowing in our attic.

prairie natives to MN (correct me if I'm wrong about them being native)

Purple prairie clover

little blue stem

indian grass

Brown eye susan.

Rattlesnake master

Mexican hat.

Common milkweed

Swamp milkweed

porcupine grass

switch grass

purple cone flower

yellow cone flower (need to research the species)

butterfly weed

joe pie weed ( a mini type- okay to leave or plant.... will it harm wild populations?)

Common,Asters- grew there wild ( are there nonnative asters in MN?- may want to post flowering photos of the non-native ones if there are any)

Woodland natives to MN ( correct me on any if I'm wrong about them being native)

Bloodroot (don't know yet if they survived the winter)

Jack in the pulpit

bishops cap

yellow trillium (same as the bloodroot)

Solomon seal

canada columbine

wild ginger

Do I need any kind of permit or license to do this?

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