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somewhat OT, is grass or an invasive groundcover better overall

17 years ago

I'm posting this question here, since I think many of you have concerns about the environment similar to my own. Over the past few years, IÂve often seen groundcovers like ivy and vinca recommended as a green alternative to lawn, even by organizations I think are aware of the issue of invasives. I know lawns tend to use more water, and people often use chemical pesticides and fertilizers which can end up in the water supplies, but somehow planting a rampant invasive didnÂt seem like the answer to me. The latest place I saw this was in a book by the Union of Concerned Scientists whose opinion I value.

In case you're curious, I'm linking to Amazon's page for the book I just read.

IÂd be curious to get your opinions, or better yet solid evidence on this topic.

Thanks. -- Lori

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon link to

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