Do you love wild roses?

11 years ago

I love wild roses because they retain all of the native charm of a wildflower, as well as showing beauty in bush and leaf, traits that were largely bred out of hybrid roses after c. the 1880's. Of the native roses here, I'm most likely to see Rosa californica or Rosa nutkana when I'm hiking in nearby counties.

Rosa californica's pink roses have a way of rising slightly above the sillouette of the bush, and wave back and forth in the breeze, which makes a charming sight. It is quite prickly which makes it useful to use in the city as a trespassing barrier along a back fence, which is how I've used it.

Rosa Nutkana (The Nootka rose, named after a N.W. native cultural group) makes a graceful plant with delicate foliage, with almost a ferny effect. Charming small pink roses.

The Stream Rose, I forget its Latin name, it produces a luxerious dark green, short (c. 2' tall or so, hedge, along a stream in a nearby county. Some dark red hips in the autumn. Very useful as a foliage plant, its blossoms are less ornamental than several other rose species.

I love the lovely fragrance that arises from a branching blooming cane of Rosa gymnocarpa. Very pretty dainty pink roses. This made a subtle-but-showy (to quote Bardon) floral display in an arrangement.

I've yet to see 'Rose d'Amour' which is thought to be a species hybrid of Rosa virginiana, but the photos are lovely. I can see why after it was brought to Europe ,in the 1700's I think, rose fanciers there fancied it greatly.

Rosa setigera (prairie rose) a dark pink climbing rose, is prized by many of those who grow it and I'd love to see it in person, or in more photos.

If I had room I'd grow Rosa moyessi ( native to China) near Rosa glauca which has blue-green leaves during its bloom display.(native to North East U.S.), the first for its massive red rosehip display in the Autumn, at a time when Rosa glauca puts on its flame-hued foliage display.


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