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Any 'moon garden' pictures out there? (Pics)

19 years ago

I love white/evening themed gardens, and have been working on one over the last few years. I posted on other forums (Hudson Valley and Perennials), this forum seems to be less active. I thought maybe it's less active because I too post where it's busier, so I'm posting here. I don't really call my garden a moon garden, since I planted it under the canopy of trees and the path of the moon doesn't always shine directly on it. I find it most enjoyable at dawn and dusk, when the other colors are receding and the white hovers. It is irregular shaped about 25 feet long by about 6 - 15 feet deep in spots. It has three outcroppings, one has a lilac in it, one has a burning bush. I have a few photos of my July garden.. The spring show was nice, and I look forward to the later bloomers too. I use a combination of shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals. I am not very good at photographing it, but I try. If you have a 'moon' garden, please tell us what's in it, and if you can, post some pictures for us to see! Thanks...JoAnn

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