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WANTED: Mail in version of the Winter Blues Seed Swap Participan

16 years ago

Hi there!

Welcome to the mail in version of the Winter Blues Seed Swap!

With help from willing and wonderful volunteers, we are offering this feature again to those of you who frequent our forum- but are too far away- or too busy to come and join in the fun at MaryÂs on January 12th. This way- even more folks can join in the Winter Blues Seed Swapin fun!

How this works is, you mail your cleaned, individually packaged and labeled seed packets, and return postage, in a sturdy bubble mailer to me. I will bring the envelopes to the Winter Blues Seed Swap- and myself or a volunteer will offer your seeds to be shared with those at the swap- and re-fill your envelope to at least the same amount of packets you sent in- with your wants as listed in a note you have provided- (if they are there to be had) and then we will send back to you in the same envelope with the additional postage you included with your seeds.

There are sure to be some surprises in your returned envelope- as there is no way to tell what will arrive to be shared!

If you are interested in participating with the mail in version- either by sending in seeds- or by volunteering to re-stuff an envelope- please post below- or e-mail me through my page here at GW-

I will send a note through your GW page to those who are sending seeds. It will have out-lined instructions, and my address in it.

Happy sowing!


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