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WANTED: Raleigh Seed Swap 2005

18 years ago

It's that time of year again! only this year I am proposing a change in the style of the seed swap - I hope that this will speed things up a bit and we will all get our seeds in plenty of time for planting.

Last year we passed around a box that you could remove from or add to packets of seed. Since I have been out of town for most of November and we need to speed things up I am proposing a swap day where anyone interested can meet and trade seeds back and forth. For those of you unable to make the trip we will simply pack an envelope full of what we have and mail it to you.

We will meet in Raleigh, more than likely at either the Raulston Arboretum or Logan's Trading Co (Seaboard Cafe), most likely at lunch time (picnic if we're at the arb), and hopefully in 2-3 weeks (Dec 10th or 17th).

I have a lot of seed left over from last years box and all the seed that was brought to the fall swap. I will post a list of what I have and what I want. My hope is that those of you too far away to participate will send me your unwanted seed along with a wish list (or you can just post it here). When we meet we can stuff envelopes with seed packets and mail them to you. If this moves too fast for you we can then send around extra seed and keep the ball rolling for the rest of the winter.

Post your ideas here as well as your "haves" and "wants".

Send your extra seeds to: John Buettner 1502 Miriam Ave Garner NC 27529-4312

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