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hostas planted too close to concrete?

11 years ago

With this hot dry weather I am seeing something with hostas planted close to the east foundation of my garage. It receives dappled shade in the am and obviously full but not deep shade in the pm. I have two hosta that I had planted pretty close to the foundation as the bed had not been expanded outwardly yet. Both show signs of soil problems now, with individual leaves dying out like in the beginning of dormancy. I am thinking one, or both, of two things. One, could it be the effect of lime leaching from the concrete raising the pH of the soil? And 2, could it be reflected sunlight off of the siding? (the siding is tan).

One of my daughters plants hostas in a strip on the north side of her garage between the foundation and entrance concrete sidewalk. They always die. The ones i have rescued have developed into magnificant specimens in my gardens. I have recommended her raising the bed 6" above the grade of the sidewalk so any dissolved lime in the water could drain off where now the hosta bathe in it.


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