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How to go about organizing a local garden tour

12 years ago

My town is small, but is located along the meandering Kankakee River in Illinois and as such the population centers meander along with the river. In "town" I have pinpointed 4 homes with well tended and stocked hosta gardens. The riverside properties are not very visible. The riverside is also ideal for hosta gardens due to the moderating and humidity influencing effect of the moving water. I would like to begin organizing what I hope will become an annual hosta garden tour and am not sure how to go about it. My first thought is to simply post on businesses bulletin boards an invitation for people to visit my gardens on a specific time and day and invite others to do so also on the same day - with the hope it will steam-roller. I don't want to open my phone up to all kinds of phone calls, which I generally consider a pain.

We have two beautiful parks along the river with very nice large pavilions. On the same weekend I think it would be nice to reserve one for a leaf and photobook hosta show. Maybe the show could be on Saturday and the tour on Sunday afternoon. A tour guide could be made available for selective handout at the leaf show.

Have any of you tried such a thing or seen it done? I am open to any usefull suggestions. Do you consider garden tours akin to a "real-life" forum rather than the "virtual" forum we share here?


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