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i need advice on overwintering pots

10 years ago

Gonna try overwintering hosta in pots for the first time this season. Any advice would be appreciated. I live in southern Kentucky...we have variable winters... Most of the time the ground barely freezes and we have little snowfall. Our temperature usually doesn't get very far down into the teens and its only at night. The wind here isn't very bad either. So far what Ive gathered... Water your hosta until they go dormant...move them into a sheltered area where the temperature is more stable, out of the wind, precipitation and Sun... Don't water them...leave them there undisturbed all winter... In springtime, when your in ground hostas are starting to emerge... Bring them out and start watering them... Be cautious of late frosts... And viola... Please correct me if I'm wrong... I really want to do some containers on a large scale and do not want to lose 250 bucks worth of plants lol


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