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Is my AB maple going to bite the dust in five years?

8 years ago

Hello pros, I've got an AB in my front yard that was planted in the mid-summer, about...10 inches too deep, I'd guess. It's entering the third year in the ground here, and I had a few questions about it. I've tried to upload a pic of the areas in question, not sure if it will work.

1. Obviously this thing is flat out in a hole. Bad news. Last year it was drooping and the only thing that kept the leaves from falling off in May was me digging down to the root flare and watering. I think the flare is about 8 inches below the level run of the yard. So now it sits in a little crater that I have to dig out every year or the thing suffocates. What is the long term feasibility of the tree? I can't replant it, but am I just setting myself up for a snapped tree if I keep watering it? Tree is leafed out, seems fine so far this spring.

2. I've got bark peeling in the area just above the soil line, I'd say three inches or so. Can anyone tell if this is normal or serious from the pic?

3. One of the shoots I didn't remove is now five feet tall and as big around as my thumb. Any chance I could get that to root? (I know nothing about trees, and this question should drive that point home.) The leaves on this shoot are bigger than the leaves on the tree.

Thanks all!

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