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How I grow my bonsai under lights...

11 years ago

Hi everyone,

I've got an addictive hobby called bonsai, which is where you train trees to grow into tiny masterpieces, replicas of hundred foot tall trees in miniature form. Anyway, I like to grow tropical trees, specifically Ficus. I've always been tweaking my setups and trying to find out how to grow my trees better and get heat and humidity levels to where they need to be.

Over the past week I think I've built an enclosure that should suffice for keeping my trees happy and healthy. So, here's what I did....

I built the PVC frame:

I then covered it in 2 mil plastic drop cloth:

Cut out a door:

Taped one side of a piece of plastic over the door, then used velcro pieces to be able to open and close the door:

All finished:

I hung a T5 4 foot 4 bulb light above the enclosure:

And placed my trees inside:

However, upon shutting the door I found it stays far too warm, so I have to leave the door open. Leaving the door open results in a lower humidity level. So, if anyone has any idea on how I could increase the humidity levels (other than misting), or how I could cool off the enclosure, feel free to share.

Also feel free to leave any comments.


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