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Need cheap chrome wire shelves 24 x 48

17 years ago


I am outgrowing the table where I start seeds in the garage, and I would like to buy some inexpensive wire shelf units (chrome plated) to give me more space. There are a few places like Costco, Sam's Club, Lowe's, etc. that sell commercial shelf systems (sometimes on castors) for under $80. They are usually 4 to 6 shelves and anywhere from 60 to 75 inches tall. The problem is that they are almost always 18 in. deep, which I think is an inconvenient size for starting seeds. Seed flats tend to be about 11 x 21 so you can only fit 2 per 18 x 48 in. shelf, unless you put 4 of them sideways and let them hang over the edge. If they hang over then the plants on the ends won't get much light. A 24 x 48 shelf would be much better because there could be 4 flats per shelf with a little room to spare.

Does anyone know where I could get a cheap 24 x 48 system? The cheapest I have seen is from but they want $168 plus shipping. Is there a better source somewhere?

Bob B.

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