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Have awesome wire rack inserts for sale cheap...greenhouse or sto

14 years ago

Hey all. I hope it's okay to put this here...if not I apologize. Posted this on the greenhouse forum already but thought closer to home might be better. I'm still in the planning and scrounging stages of my greenhouse and I just purchased a large lot of used Pallet Rack Decking that they have in big warehouses. I thought it looked ideal for wide greenhouse benches. Turns out I don't need all of them so I have 38 leftover that I need to sell. I bought them from a warehouse off Craigslist and was going to relist the leftovers there but thought I'd give any greenhouse folks in my neck of the woods first crack at them in case they suit your needs. They're also great for almost any storage application.




These are not only VERY heavy but they are extremely HEAVY DUTY as well. Rated at holding over 2,000 pounds each these are steel and have steel re-inforcement bars on the underside. Just build your lumber base frame and drop these right onto it. They're so heavy it's unlikely you could dislodge them or accidentally turn over any plants sitting on top simply by bumping into the shelves unlike Closet-maid type shelving which is light and must be secured. Some show signs of rust (see pics) but are structurally sound.

Dimensions: All are the same width at approximately 37" wide (front of shelf to back)

Lengths vary. Of the 38 pieces I'll be selling there are 16 that are 42" long, 7 that are 48" long and 15 that are 52" long. They sell new for $20-30 or more but I am asking $9 apiece which is cheaper than most Closet maid shelving and 2-3 times wider. I will take an even $300 if you buy all 38 which knocks off another $42.00. There is approximately a 1 inch overhang lip that runs the entire length of each piece front side and back (see pic 3). The square openings are approximately 4" x 1.5".

I live in East Central AL (Heflin) near the Georgia state line. If anyone is interested just LMK. If no responses I'll be putting them back on Craigslist next week. You would need to come pick them up with a large pick-up truck or a trailer. I'm not sure a small pick-up would hold them all. I would be willing to meet you Anniston/Oxford.

Thanks for viewing and drop me a line if you have any questions or need more photos. Sincerely, Danielle

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