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Anyone starting a list for 'next year'?

13 years ago

I am, if I can wait that long!! ;o)

Golden Sculpture

American Icon (had it--lost it--want it back)

Spinning Wheels

San Kao (reminded of it by Connie's 'Blues for Gold' thread--though it wasn't an option)

Jade Cascades (had it, too, lost it)

Lakeside L.A. (can't bring myself to call it what it really is-gulp!)

I know there's more--there's ALWAYS more, but these are the ones that come quickly to mind, without

looking at my 'list'! It's those, that are right out there, upfront in my mind, that I figure I must

SURELY have, eventually!!

How about you? And, remember--the females always have the option to *change our minds*, and

with 'equality' on the table--I guess the guys can, too!! :o)

Oh, and anyone can definitely 'add to' the list as the thread moves along--I mean REALLY, we do that

don't we--especially when we see each others lists!!! ;o)

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