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Hydrangea wont bloom! Cant identify.

10 years ago

HELP! ;)

Trust me, Ive researched and spent hours trying to solve this and wouldnt waste anyones time if it wasnt something I could resolve.

I have saved every plant tag I have ever bought but for some reason I do not have the tag for my hydrangea so I assume it simply did not come with one.

My hydrangea is 3 years old and each year does very well - grows beatiful leaves - but as it starts to bloom, it stops and the blooms wither and die before any color / bloom occurs.

I posted a picture as an image file and Ive tried to classify using tons of sites but no luck. I live in Orange County NY (zone 6) and bought the plant at a nursery. Unfortunately it was not in bloom when purchased.

Ive never pruned this plant and as stated above seems to thrive and do well all exceot for the full bloom.

The deer did eat this plant in its first year and since then I have fenced it and the following 2 yrs the blooms start then quickly shrivel and fade.

Any help with the identification and resolve to my issue would be greatly appreciated. I have asked a landscaper, arborist, and plant vendor specialist at Lowe's and have recieved 3 different answers.

One was soil but I have azalea, rhodies, brunnera, etc all planted in same spot w/ morning sun and all bloom nicely.

The lanscaper said its pot luck. Some have great foliage and no blooms and vice versa.

The Lowes vendor said it needs to be pruned in fall because blooms come from new wood but she never asked what variety I had or identified it.

My leaves are NOT ridged around the outside. SEE PIC. They are not heart shaped either so I dont think I have the macrophyla variety. Im guessing annabelle ?

Help me please ... I can provide more pics if necessary.

Thanks all.


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