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Need a refresher course

11 years ago

Hi all

Just finished setting up my system, been about 3 years since i dabbled in hydroponics. I gave some old nutrient that looks all crystalised an old, will that be ok? It is the white stuff and the orange stuff, have no idea how much to put in as my nutrient tester is not working, do i really need to invest in another one ir can i just feed my plants a certain amount every week an gauge how well the plants look?

Also shall i leave the water running constantly or have it on a timer? I rememver i used to run it constantly with little trouble.

Also i see there is a nutrient i can buy that is just a liquid, no a or b just all in one, sound great cos i hated mixing the powder all the time. Any feedback on such nutrients? Im growing tomatoes chillis cucumver brocolli etc.

Thanks guys

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