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How much sun is too much, and why forever pink turns blue?

14 years ago

My royal Red is the second year in the same spot, it gets sun from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. The first year it started to wilt around 11:30 am. I thought it might be because it was newly planted. But, same thing happens even the temperature is in low 70s. Too much direct sun for it? Should I move it to more shade area?

Next question, the Forever Pink flowers usually start with apple green then purplish pink, more pink, then back to purplish pink, now is soft purplish blues. Why is not pink? At frist I thought it was Nikko Blue, (I didn't mark the plants at plant time and didn't flower for the 1st year), Later when Nikko blue flowers were coming out let me knew the different. How can I make it pink?

Any idea?

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