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what worked well and what didn't this year

17 years ago

As we are looking at our first real freeze of the year and having to concede that summer, indian or not, is really over I was reflecting on what worked out well in the garden this year and what didn't. What's every one else's experience?

Stars this year were Amish Paste tomatoes,Beaver Dam peppers, and a planter of pale pink fibrous rooted begonias and deep purple coleus. Duds were Hungarian Heart tomatoes, the eggplant, and my pole beans.

What new things did you try? Any special pest problems? I had some tiny little beetle things on the eggplant that turned the leaves to lace almost immediately. I am just now getting my one and only eggplant of the year. Its pretty wimpy at that. I tried a combo of marine blue browallia and red and white petunias around my flag pole. That looked pretty nice. I'm trying beautyberry for the first time. I hope it over winters.

And I've been waiting for more Thoughts from the Belly too. I always enjoy what you have to say, IB.


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