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Rope Hoya won't grow, doesn't die (growth is preferred!)

19 years ago

I have had a rope hoya for years (like 7 or so) that has done NOTHING! It has never grown, and I have lost most of the original plant over the years. I now have a "V" shaped piece with a 3 in and an 8 in piece. I do very well with orchids and other house plants, but cannot get this Hoya to do anything. It was in soil, then I put it in more of an orchid media (fir bark chips, charcoal and lava rock). Nothing changed. It's in the same room as my orchids, and receives NNE window light, and some light from the fluorescent bulbs for the orchids. It's watered weekly with my orchids, with the same fertilizer that I give my orchids (1/4 tsp/gal of 20-20-20), and often has a little water in the drip tray for the clay pot to draw in,almost like a S/H set up.

Please, what is wrong? What can I do to help this baby?! Should it be over or under potted? It's in a large (8 in or so) pot now.



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