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hummingbird novice question

16 years ago

I noticed hummingbirds in my perennial garden the past few weeks. I have numerous bird feeders, a bird bath, and some of the flowers that hummingbirds love, like a huge butterfuly bush. So, I decided to buy a hummingbird feeder yesterday, along with a feed mix (add water to the mix). Not knowing if the hummingbird would come back, I only filled up the feeder 1/4 full. I didn't see any hummingbirds last night (I have seen them in the past around dusk). This morning, the hummingbird feeder appeared untouched. But I just looked at it a minute ago, and the feeder is empty. How quickly would a hummingbird notice a feeder (it's just a cheap plastic one), and how quickly would they drink all the nectar. I swear I went to the kitchen window several times this morning, and saw nothing at the feeder, and no nectar missing.

I have (unfortunately) about a million sparrows out there. Could they have drank all the nectar, or would the hummingbird have done it that quickly.

Any other tips would be welcome.

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