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What were your best performers this year?

13 years ago

These were mine based on a combination of budcount, bloom length, how well they opened and of course what they looked like, but the beauties that only had a few flowers didn't make the list. Most of these are older.

This one has been blooming since July 2 and still has at least one scape to go. Not a high bud count, but when it's constantly putting up scapes it doesn't matter.


This one still has one bud left on a rebloom scape and has a bud count in the 20s.


Bloomed for 7 weeks and every flower was perfect.


This one had the highest budcount in the garden. It's tall and small so it's not for everyone, but I really like it behind others.


Good budcount and just looked perfect every day.


Another that bloomed for a long time and has a budcount in the high 20s


Bloomed into late August


Long blooming and good budcount


Another with a high budcount that really makes a statement


Another oldie with a high budcount and long bloom period


One that I'll always have. It deserved the Stout Medal.


This one has a good budcount and bloomed got lots of comments


Tried to limit it to 10, but just couldn't quite. Lots of runners up--America's Most Wanted, Ferengi Gold, Full Moon Magic, Magic Amethyst, Pinegarden Good Cheer, Acquire the Fire, Wide Fantasy, Truly Angelic.

I wonder how many will make my list next year.

What did well for you?

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