Normally not big on hostas, but need some advice (2 pics)

15 years ago

Haven't posted to this forum before, mainly the OGR forum. I need some pretty hostas around a bird feeder on the north side of the house, out a bit, gets a little morning sun but shade the rest of the day.

I'm not into fancy leaves, and read that blue ones usually mean the leaves. Are there any where the blooms are sky blue or medium blue(not purplish), please?

If I must have purple hostas, I like these purple and white ones I took over in the park, too tired to size them better, taken in September of 2003.

I would like a gouping just like this with the roses, but think those roses need more sun. I can ask in a rose forum if there are roses similar to these that bloom in mostly shade. I know Gruss an Aachen does, but it is not pink.



Does anyone have any idea what these purple and white ones are called? Actually I like this grouping so well I could try something like this somewhere else later.

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