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I'm Struggling With This One - Question

12 years ago

I have posted here before in an effort to learn about Herbs as my knowledge is limited. My purpose in this is that I'm looking for a profitable product to grow and sell at our Farmers Market, Restaurants, as well as for personal use. I have been growing vegetables, but then everyone grows vegetables but very few grow Herbs. I've been struggling with trying to make a decision on whether to stick with vegetables or go with Herbs and I've just about made-up my mind to grow Herbs primarily, still keeping with vegetables on a smaller scale. The problem I'm having now is what Herbs to grow as there are many out there and this is why I'm asking here. If you were growing Herbs for market what would you grow? What are the more (shall I say) popular Herbs used and sold? I won't be depending on this to survive so failures are acceptable, and I'm sure failures will happen. I have two acres to grow on but my climate here in the desert can be problematic at times. However, if I need a specific climate I can create it as I have a very large hoop house that I built and I also can build another structure as needed. I'm just handy that way I guess. I'm retired so I have full time to devote to this

I will appreciate it greatly if you would give me a list of what you feel would be the better and more profitable Herbs I should grow. Oh, and what helped me along with my decision on growing Herbs was when I went shopping the other day. I checked-out the vegetable section at the supermarket and saw Herbs in little square plastic boxes with just a small amount of Herbs in them and they wanted $3.00 a box for them. Hell, you could fold the leaves and put them in a cigarette package and still have room left. Amazing...

Thank you all once again for your help. I'm sure I'll be back with more questions as time goes on.



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