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Too late to start ET seeds outside?

13 years ago

Hello everyone,

I have a few Hellebores in my garden that I purchased as young plants & wanted to start some more from seed this year. I've been going through the archives on the best way to do it, so thanks for all the great posts!

I just received my seeds in the mail today from Elizabeth Town & am ready to get them started, but I'm second guessing myself on which way to go. I had planned on starting half in the fridge & half outside to try both methods and see what worked best for me. I really like the idea of letting nature take its course, however I'm wondering now if it's getting too warm outside...

I'm in zone 5 & the average temps for March are 28low & 56high, then 34-63 in April. This year has been really cold though & we still have alot of snow on the ground.

Do you think it will still be OK to try them outside? I've read that they don't necessarily need to be at a constant cool temperature, but like decreasing cold. So I could also put them outside for a month, then maybe put them in the fridge for the last few weeks? I'm just not sure if the warmer hours in midday will cause a problem

Any advice is appreciated!! The varieties I ordered are so pretty, I'd hate to lose them to poor planning.


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