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Too Late To Start Tomato & Pepper Seeds

8 years ago

So this is my first time starting tomato and pepper seeds and I'm having a bit of trouble.

What happened to my seedlings so far:
My tomato seedlings got very leggy before I even knew it and someone advised it's best to start over, plus I dropped them when I was moving them. So I started over but the second time around my soil was way too wet and didn't dry or drain at all (I didn't think I put that much water in them but I read to dampen the mix first then put the seed in, my previous starter mix was not this wet) - so they finally emerged really yellow and even though I was fully prepared with my plant light that I put over them as soon as they emerged, they're still looking rather leggy, not as much as before but still so.

My light is a Philips Plant Light, Agro-Light A19, 60 watts.

As for my pepper seedlings, they weren't emerging and I read the soil temp has to be really warm, more so than other seeds, for them to germinate so I put them close to my heater in my closet. When they did emerge, they also were leggy, but I didn't want to toss them so I read that I could bury the stem deeper, so I did. But not all of them because some of them had a lot of mold on the outside/inside of the pots so I decided to save only some of them.

So is it too late to start tomato and pepper seeds? I'm in New Castle county Delaware, zone 7. Some sources say this week or last week is my last frost date. And the guaranteed last frost date according to the gov website is May 10th. So I could be around 7 weeks late to my estimation.

I could try to find transplants of the varieties I like but that would be more money after I bought seeds already this year. I have 17 varieties of tomatoes and 12 varieties of peppers. Ultimately, if it is too late I would try to do that, but I'm not sure if it's too late to start new tomato seeds or if the tomato seeds I have now will make it into healthy plants, three of them haven't germinated yet. My few pepper seedlings are looking fine but I'd like to plant all the varieties that I originally had.

What to do? Help, please!

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