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Vero Swap a feast of food,, plants, people and pets

15 years ago

Ted and I wish to thank Jim and Tonya for hosting this lovely swap. The gardens were a kaleidoscope of color and diversity as were the wonderful gardeners who attended. Those who were unable to attend truly missed a wonderful event. Jim is a grill master and the chicken was heavenly. Junior is the sweetest dog and sure knew who the soft touch was for chicken as he became my best friend. The lovely black duck was not happy that she was not invited to dinner and should be glad he was not dinner. She is simply adorable, beautiful and is not spoiled in the least. There were lovely ducklings in the garage along with the worms and Tonya gave a most insightful demonstration and lecture on worm production. The weather was nice, the food divine and I got to meet the most wonderful person due to Ms Marion by the name of Iris and I gave her her own cultivar for a name. She will forever be known as the Pink Egyptian Iris. She is a rare treasure and I felt so honored to spend a little bit of time in her presence.

Thanks once again to our wonderful hostess and host and to Ms Marion for getting the show on the road and for everyone who shared their time, stories and plants. There truly will be pictures posted tomorrow from not only this swap but the one in Deland and the one at Ricky's. Happy planting your new babies, Linda

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