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Chionanthus virginicus at local nursery

13 years ago

John Deere Landscapeing in Cumming Dawsonville (770- 888-6290) has Chionanthus virginicus (Grancy Graybeard, Fringetree) in about 7 gal pots, 5' tall, more shrub than tree form. They are healthy and not pot bound (YAY). I have heard a few people mention that they are interested in this plant so thought I'd pass it on. They were a great price - $25 I think - forgive me, I was buying miles of netafim drip tube so try not to look at totals.

Anyhow, I've had a devil of a time finding these in a decent size. ALL of them are females, which is harder to find. I think JD can do transfers but am not sure.

Be warned that I also saw plants marked at the Alpharetta JD as Chionanthus virginicus but it was mis-marked - it's actually Chionanthus retusus - Chinese Fringe Tree. There is a man at Cumming who knows his stuff and if you talk trees they'll hand you over to him anyhow.

They only brought a few into the store, I don't think it's common so I was pleased to see a bigger name carry a great native. I am all about supporting nurseries carrying native. They sold me one!

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