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'Cheap' way to fill 80' gaps between flagstone with Mint/Thyme?

11 years ago

The objective is to find an affordable way to fill about 100' or 1200" of linear space between gaps. Most ground covers require planting every 6-8" or so. At 8", that translates into 150 plants or 25 6-packs, @$4/pack = $100. Are there cheaper way todo it? Are they hard to start by seeds?

I am thinking using Corsica Mint {{gwi:563204}}, or Magic Carpet Thyme {{gwi:563207}}, or Red Creeping Thyme {{gwi:563210}}.

This is my situation:

My flagstone deck on the north side of house is about 400+ft2. I have purposely built the gaps over-sized so I can plant between them.


It gets about 5-6 hours of sun (mostly noon-5pm) in the summer and may be an hour or so in the winter.


Currently by sprinkler but have low pressure tubes in close proximity.

For this summer, I tried purple alyssum. Very pretty but took lots of them and they don't seem to spread by runners, so even doing 8" by center, there were gaps. Surprisingly, they took traffic rather well. I understand purple alyssums do not self seed much and they are annual in my zone. I hate having to do it every season.

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