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Carolina Jessamine vs. Coral Honeysuckle

14 years ago

So, we've had a single Carolina Jessamine vine on the front corner of our deck planted in the ground for ~2 years now.

At the end of winter, I had to cut it back because it was growing into the roof in a gigantic bundle and tangling up in our roof drains (~12' from ground to roof)

Again, at the beginning of summer (6-8 weeks ago), I had to cut it back, it was growing into the roof drains again, even though I had been good about cutting it back and training it elsewhere.

Here we are again, around 2 months later and it's 2/3 of the way up to the drains again running up the main pillar of the front deck, using the downspout for a pathway. I've been steadily trying to train it to do otherwise, but the stuff is just growing like mad! I've seen it on roadsides and crawling up guidewires in the n'hood, I know how much of a clumpy mess it will be if I don't keep cutting it waaaaay back like I have been.

So, we've decided that we want something that is hummingbird friendly that's native and WILL NOT get as crazy, requiring as much maintenance as this Jessamine is, but will flower for a few months, produce some interest, have some dark green foliage. Jasmine, as much as we love it, is being left off the list for personal reasons.

We're looking at Coral Honeysuckle. Figured I'd ask here:

* Is Coral Honeysuckle as determined of a "vertical" grower as Carolina Jessamine?

* Does Coral Honeysuckle "clump" and "mound" like (nowhere near as/as badly as, worse than) Carolina Jessamine?

* Does anyone nar Grant Park want a 2yr old Carolina Jessamine plant? (I don't kill plants, and don't have a place to transplant to).

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