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Should I leave big leaves alone??

15 years ago

Help. I posted under a different subject and got valuable help....but I need to know if I should snip off the really big leaves on my geranium plants (they are huge disks)...the plants don't yet have flower buds. Should I snip the really long stems with nice leaves on the ends? I don't want to end up with bare stalks in May! Does snipping off the leaves on long stems do anything for the plant or am I wasting precious 'snipping' time?

I did what greenhouser2 said on some of the plants but I don't know if I did it right so I didn't do it on all of them. I'm getting stressed!

If I see new growth on the pinched plants in three days I'll do it to more of them. Heck, I've got over 700 of the stinkin' plants!

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