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How and when to prune fig trees?

16 years ago

Hi, fig people! Someone on the fruit tree forum suggested i come here for advise on how to best maintain a manageable size in my fig trees.



As you can see from the pics, i'm a mulch layer away from a more or less finished fig and blueberry bed. Without taking an exact measurement, i'd say the whole bed is perhaps 45' x 45'. The figs are no less than 20 feet apart, the blueberries no less than 6. The holly bush in the center is just there as a placeholder till i figure out what i want in that spot. :)

As for orientation, the dogwood on the upper lawn tier is east, the center azaleas in the foreground west, the house deck south.

What's the best way to prune these trees so the figs can be easily harvested, and the canopy doesn't shade out the rest of the bed?

Also, there are still figs clinging to the branches that undoubtedly failed to ripen while the trees were "in storage" under the deck. Should i knock them off before winter?

That's a lot of questions i know. If you're still reading at this point, thanks a ton! :)

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