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Favorite tips to make gardening less work...and more fun :)

12 years ago

There's a similar thread on the vegetable forum about simplicity in gardening. I thought it would be fun to share our favorite tips for making gardening a little less work...leaving more time to enjoy it :)

My tip (and I'm sure you've all seen this already, but it's my favorite) is growing alyssum under vegetables and flowers to keep the weeds down and shade the soil. When weeds do get through, they're much easier to pull up. Shading the soil helps keep it from drying out as quickly...and alyssum attracts beneficial insects to the garden!

Here'a a picture of some purple and white alyssum in with the roses and lavender. The blue flowers are lobelia and the pink in the back are cosmos.


What is your favorite tip? Please include a picture, if you have one (even if it's not from this year) and thanks for sharing :)

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