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Dont you just love sharing the joys of gardening with others?

I have to admit that that I am not an optomistic person. I have little faith in and hope for humanity. I expect the worse so as to never be dissapointed. But something happend yesterday to give me hope and made me realize how wonderful gardening truly is.

As you may remember, I ripped out half of my patio last year to make it smaller. I had a lot of blocks left over because of this, and was going to sell them. Well this man came by and said that his daughter may like them, and that hed ask her. A few days later he and his daughter came by and she said she would like them. She was young, not much older than twenty. She said her husband was in Iraq, and that she was going to surprise him with the a patio. Her dad was helping her fix up their house, and she was going to start doing the yard. So I asked her if she was much interested in plants. She said she was; she loved watching plants come out of the ground in the spring and watching them grow, and that her mother had just given her a tomato plant.

So one thing led to another and I asked her if you would like any starts of plants. She said she didnt know much abouth growing things, but shed love to start a garden. I dug up a bunch of starts for her.

I gave her a hollyhock, rose campion, Maltese Cross, bellflower, perennial geranium, scented geranium, lupine, lily bulb, Agastaches, Joe Pye, Sipderwort, a daylily, and a few other things. Since she was new to gardening I didnt give her anything too difficult to grow or invasive. The only thing that might be slightly invasive was a Robustissima Anemone and mint (wich I directed her to put in a pot.

She was so grateful for everything I gave her. She said that she had the next few days free and was going to start planting them. I was very pleased. Ive given plants away to friends before, but they ended up not doing anything with them and just let the plants die.

Her dad, who was a veteran, actually gave us his address in case WE should need anything!

The lady said that shed be by the next day to pay me for the patio pavers. Honestly, I wasnt sure shed come back, but I said that would be fine. But she came back just a couple of hours later with the money. I only saw later that she slipped in an extra $10. I told her to come back another time and id giver her some more plants and a dogwood shrub. She said that she didnt know much about plants, and really wanted them to do well, so she asked for my phone number in case she had any questions. Wow! I didnt expect that she would care so much about keeping the plants alive. This made my day.

There was recently a post about people coming in and stealing things from yards/gardens. It seemed to just re-enforce my beliefs that humanity was, on the whole, evil. But occurences like this give me some hope for humankind.

Hope you all have a great day!


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