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Unusual hummingbird sightings?

15 years ago

I've been an planting for hummingbirds for about seven years now. Every year but this year the hummingbirds have left in late September or early October and come back with the seasonal migration of Ruby-throats in early March. This year they left in early October, but some came back in early December or late November (can't remember which). I think one of them is a Rufous, but I have two others that I believe are immature Ruby-throats.

I know that there is a dividing line that crosses the state just south of me (I live just west of Orlando) extending from around Melborne to just south of Tampa that seems to get hummingbirds in the winter months. I'm wondering if this line has moved northward. There was a report recently that more bird species are wintering further north. It was attributed to global warming.

I'm wondering if there are more of us who are seeing hummingbirds this year when they have not seen them previously at this time.

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