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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my Thuja Green Giants?

12 years ago

The shrubs have been in the ground for 2.5 years. Seems it has been a constant battle keeping them alive. We were told they had spider mites (although I've never seen any when I have done the white paper test), so I've been treating them with Bayer 3in1 Insect, disease and Mite control concentrate about every 2 weeks.

We see lightened color at the tips of the leaves, we see yellowing/dead foliage quite often as well. They ARE growing well - lots of new foliage and they've grown about 2 feet this past year.

Can anyone tell me what might be wrong with these shrubs? I was under the impression they were disease and insect resistant but it has been nothing but a struggle with these trees and I've got too much invested to lose them now!


10 October 2011

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