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Plant oddities and disappointment?

12 years ago

Did anyone experience surprises and disappointments this year? I did.

My purple coneflower which is normally fully petalled is blooming with little or no petals this year. Not only that. My other coneflower - white swan echinacea is also producing no petals this year! It's an anomaly. Is it genetics or is the weather affecting the plants? I've never seen anything like this happen in my garden before.

Also -- something else which is an ongoing disappointment. My double decker coneflower has never produced double deckers. It's 3 years old. Shall I get rid of it?

Also my agastache. I was hoping for a blue hissop. I got a pink/white one.

My jerusalem sage -- was a surprise. It took 3 years for this plant to bloom and I was expecting a yellow sage. Instead I got a pink one. I guess, it's okay but I really wanted a yellow.

My happy surprise are my verbena bonariensis. It's taken me some 3 years to grow these and I failed only because I was given incorrect information by the seed supplier.

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