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Help with a focal point (pics)

14 years ago

I know I posted this somewhere on GardenWeb, but I sure can't find it now. Here it goes again.

This spring, I started a new bed along the end of my driveway. It's only 4' wide right now, but will be enlarged again this winter. I put in some Burford Holly, Hollywood Juniper, Blue point juniper, a couple of rooted forsythia, lots of peonies, some grasses, and a few odds and ends like pineapple sage.


Today I put in the first two posts for the picket fence and arbor that I'll be installing. The fence panels are 8' long and are the standards from Lowe's. I got them for $1 each as they were changing out our displays a couple weeks ago.

The problem now is that I've defined a new axis through the garden as shown by the first picture I took. Behind me, the driveway is a straight shot to the street.


To the right, is the gully and location of the future firepit, pond, gazebo, patio, whatever I think of next seating area. To the left and uphill is the potager which will not be larger than it is now.

I need something besides a Belle of Georgia peach tree at the end of this axis. I have a Thundercloud Plum that I plan to move this winter. It's already outgrown the perennial bed. It's got purple foliage and pink blooms in spring. But I'd like something more...dramatic. I've got beds already started behind the peach tree and will expand those next year too, but I want something showy to draw you in. Any ideas?

Almost full sun. From about 1pm to 7pm. Hard, heavy clay that will be amended as best I can. Would like something with at least spring/summer interest. Preferably not a piece of art, but a plant. Oh, and did I mention it needs to compete with magnolias and huge oaks?

More photos for scale and context.




Also trying to decide on paint for the fence and arbor. I'm leaning towards purple, but that's going to be a lot of fence. And I really do like the idea of having my first "White picket fence" along the end of the driveway.

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