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17 years ago

It's getting closer to peak bloom here and there's more daylilies everyday!

Becky Lynn (FFO)

Raining Violets (FFO)

Siloam David Kirchhoff

Musical Medley polytepal (if you flatten out the edges of this flower it is about 7")

Driving Me Wild

Siloam Leo Sharp (the color in this photo is truer than in the first photo I posted)

Rose Emily (the photo I posted yesterday turned out a little too orange)

Mokan Butterfly

Ferengi Gold

Magic Lace (consistently good flowers this first season and has great substance - last night at 8:30 it still looked almost as good as in this morning's photo)

Thanks for looking!


P.S. Please let me know if these photos are too big - I can downsize them more next time.

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