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first rose buds on overwintered roses!

15 years ago

Well, I've got my first buds on my overwintered roses!! It's exciting!! I have a mixture of hardy and tender roses. My first two roses to have buds on them are:

1. Morden Blush (beat out her Mordern sisters - Centennial and Belle.)

2. J.P. Connell

I was surprised at J.P.C because it's a yellow rose, so I thought it would be more tender and therefore slower? to get buds.

These 2 beat out

1. Morden Centennial

2. Morden Belle

3. Hansa

4. Pink Grootendorst

5. Henry Hudson

6. Blanc Double de Coubert

7. Alexander MacKenzie

and of course, all of my tender roses!

It's exciting to be in the race again! - which one of these 2 will bloom first? Any guesses?


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