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Deer like to eat the flowers I like to grow.

12 years ago

Looking at the leftovers, survivors springing back to life this year. I wonder what I should plant this year. I replaced my climing rose with a William Bafffin climbing rose. I am not sure if the Mountain Ash tree is going to come back. I'll replace it with another Mountain Ash. I plan to armour the 2 Rose bushes, Clematis and Ash tree with (2'x2')stucco wire enclosures this year. Until they have had time to establish themselves. But until I find a sutible "Bambi Guard" for my other garden flowers I will stay away from: Crocus, Pasque flower, Tulip, even daffodil, Sweet peas, Morning glory, Hostas and Peonys. I do not have a large garden but would prefer to stay away from caging everything in. Does anyone have a solution that is both esteticaly pleasing and effective? The deer roam about in heards of 3 to 12 all thruout Okotoks. They follow the river in for a smorgasbord of tasty treats.

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