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Hi Ho- Hi Ho, To the plant store I go!!!

14 years ago

I had one of those fun plant store days today! You know the kind where you have all of the time in the world to look at consider each and ever plant :) There is a place by us that just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year and the prices are real good. So I spent 2 hours (as did at least another 100 plus people at the same time) browsing the plant selections! Woo hoo! Usually I have DD with me and after 15 minutes she starts complaining that she wants to leave!

So this year I have this fascination with dark foliage plants. Although my purpose for going today was to pick out annuals for my front and side beds, I did not get any of those LOL...what I did come home with :)

Black Mondo grass

Iresine Purple Lady

Persian Shield

Coleus (several different varieties)

Annual Fountain Grass

Bonica rose

Peony Sara Bernhardt (hope this is the fragrant one that I already have!)

Heliotrope (first time trying it this year. Read so many people say they love it and it is fragrant)

Vinca Vine Wojo's Jem (new variety)

Annual Salvia's Victoria Blue


Cleome Mixed colors

I am so excited because other then the coleus, cosmos, and cleome, all these are new for me! Love trying out different types of plants! I had hoped to get some Hakone but theirs were not very enticing looking. I know a better source for bigger better looking plants. So that is tomorrow's mission!

Did you buy anything new to you this year?

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