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Just When I am done, I go buy more to plant.

12 years ago

Yesterday I finially finished planting all the plants that I had bought for the spring and had gotten everything in ground. Well, I am working on my gladiolas but they are corms, not plants. So I was congratulating myself last night and this morning but that didn't last.

Today I went to two local nurseries and bought more plants. You would think I couldn't ever cram anything more in here but not the case.

I got two pink poppies, two dwarf tomato plants with tomaties already set on them, a hanging basket, a six pack of stunning red short zinnias, and two hollyhocks. One of the hollyhocks is a double and the other is a real dark single called BlackNight.

I went because I want a flat of cosmos to put in tne back garden but there were no cosmos in flats at either nursery, just in pots.

Portulaca Hanging Basket

Red Zinnias

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