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Had to order again at High Country Gardens

14 years ago

I have been working on getting some more of that cottage garden look into the garden so I had to order again from High Country Gardens since I finially figgured out what to do in a small gardenbed section. I already ordered and planted the first order of Agastaches in the front yard.

I decided on Agastache, ROSITA which is one of my very favorite ones. Just love the color and its not too tall. Then I also got their beautiful orange Butterfly weed. So that gives me more for the hummers and the butterflies.

Then I ordered the yellow columbine 'Swallowtail' which is their own introduction. I had one plant of this years ago and it was so beautiful I just couldn't believe it. I don't remember why but it died out after afew years. I decided its time for it to come back to the garden.

Of course, I can't keep up with Kay but I am making my own new additions to the gardens here. Been so pleased with this springs new gardens and additions.

I will take pictures after I do the new little section and then you will be able to see how I envision this all to go together. My order should ship week of 5/24.

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