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my 'new' cottage garden (img hvy)

14 years ago

I'm reposting this over here thanks to Renee! Hope that's ok!

I live in Southern California near the Antelope Valley. (SouthWest zone 18, zone 9-10) We started with a dirt lot and had some landscapers help us put this garden in at the end of December based on some sketches I did. I wanted to go with a cottage style,... but to try to -mostly- use plants that were friendly with our area and didn't use a ton of water. There were a few plants I was stubborn on (like the sakura and roses).

I'm sticking mainly with light colors... like light pinks, pale yellow, white (roses, daisies, etc.). With accents of dark wine (a few dark roses that aren't blooming yet) and lavender/blue (lavender, wisteria, delphinium)

The roses are mostly David Austin or antique roses, though I do have one Hybrid Tea (Tiffany). The patio is set broken concrete with whooly thyme growing in the cracks.

My husband mowing the lawn in his suit. haha. {{gwi:57687}}

This is what my backyard looks like right now! (In case you're curious this is what the yard looked like in January)


Weeping sakura in front, sakura in the back... morea, delphinium, foxglove, wistera, cosmos and penstemon.



Mostly roses, lavendar (french and spanish) and prostrate camellia. There's some santa barbara daisy and penstemon, too.



more roses, crepe myrtle, irises, etc...! (You can see this is the back left corner of the yard... at the end of the stepping stones, I'm going to put an arbor of some type...)



rosemary, morea, irises, etc..


This is the back left corner... I put in a couple clematis near the climbing roses. The idea is to add some kind of arbor inbetween them so that the purple clematis and the pale roses can climb over it. I still haven't decided on an arbor yet. (AGH)


Whooly thyme in the concrete cracks:


The back sakura when blooming:


the weeping sakura


my mom bought me a few of these little toadstools for my herb pots. They're made by a local socal artisan. They're so cute! My mom really loves stuff like this. The herbs are mint, italian basil, chives, sage, lemon thyme and probably something else I'm forgetting.


These are treasure boxes! I've always loved them. They're so weird and pretty.


One of the clematis I put in this past weekend! This is Silver Moon.


the position it's in on the sideyard (the plants are centered on the house windows in the kitchen and dining room) It's with Star Jasmine.


some kind of daisy I got this weekend. I can't remember the name. but I really really love this little daisy.


My mom brought me irises from her garden (and her mother's garden) over Christmas break.


Here's one of the blooming ones!


Here's a few of my baby roses:

Great Maiden's Blush Alba


Belle Story:




Madame Alfred Carriere


Lady Banks


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