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Mulch again: what kind do you use and why?

16 years ago

There was a thread about pine straw vs. wood mulch, but I'd like to hear more about what you use specifically and why. I have to decide quickly as I'm going out of town before too long, and my friends with the pick up truck (if I buy it by the "yard" are leaving Florida for the summer soon. Someone said they use shredded pine bark, but I read somewhere it takes nitrogen out of the soil. I found a nursery that sells very small pieces of pine bark by the yard, but I would not call it shredded. it does not look like the consistency of cypress mulch, for instance. I saw an old thread about mulch and someone had pictures of purple mulch and all kinds of decorative mulch. I'd love to see pictures and hear how happy you are with what you use.. T I read somewhere that many mulches take nitrogen away from teh daylilies. Help!!! (Pine straw does not appear to be commerically available here). Thanks!

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