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What do you use for mulch? Need to enrich my soil

16 years ago

We purchased our home almost two years ago. I have a few places where the soil is beautiful (due to lack of yard clean up year after year) and other places where soil is compacted with years of barkdust. I have finished with clean up and removal of unwanted plants and am now beginning to plant things. I have figured out what areas have good soil and what areas have horrible soil pretty quickly. I am looking for suggestions on what mulchs I can add to my soil to begin making it good again. Does yard debris mulch really help (this is praised by my mother and her friends)? Should I put horse manure on it (this fall)? What other ideas do you have for me? I know people have said dig up the barkdust, but I have tried and it is almost impossible to dig a hole in some places (I have broken two shovels thus far) let alone remove the barkdust.

I have also gotten the suggestion that I should try throwing compost, grass clippings etc out. I CAN NOT do this as I live in a neighborhood where EVERYONE has yard crews/gardeners come once a week and the homes are very well maintained. The neighbors would hate me and frankly, I think I would hate how it looks too! I need something that looks nice, but also helps my soil issue. Any places with good "stuff" in the Portland metro area?

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